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Pre-school education is imparted in Adorables at three stages, viz. Play Group, Nursery and Kinder Garten. At these stages of a child emphasis is laid on learning through cognition, affectivity and conation. Children are provided increasing opportunities to see, hear, recognize and understand in a free environment. They learn to speak and listen to language in a natural interactive setting.

Ample scope is offered to children for the development of useful skills concerning Identification, Classification, Segregation, Assimilation, Match-Making etc. Likewise they are given outlets to make drawings and count numbers informally so as to enhance their innate qualities of creativity.

With a view to promoting socialization and inculcating the feeling of social awareness, children are taught to mix up and interact with their fraternity to enable them learn lessons of cooperation, teamwork, leadership, caring and sharing. Efforts are made to inculcate in them Positive Attitude, Good Habits and Self-Motivation. Such children would not only be able to undertake a calculated risk but would also be able to steer through in life providing an asset for the society.

The Tiny-Tots are encouraged to play with pets, know common birds and animals so as to broaden their minds and to appreciate the difference between humans and non-humans.

Besides, rich surroundings of trees and plants may turn them into lovers of the beauties of nature. Equally important at this early stage is some acquaintance of fascinating celestial bodies such as the sun, the moon and the stars.

Some stylized activities are organized to stimulate in children the talent of imagination, conceptualization, inquisitiveness, self-expression and creativity through the coordination of mind, body and soul. They acquire enough hands-on experience through Clay Modeling, Collage-Making, Tower-Building, Jigsaw Puzzle etc.

Raffles Adorables has Comfortable Classrooms, a Spacious Playground, a splash pool and a Secure Environment which help the all-round development of the child.

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